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Having trouble with the Café? Check here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that will most likely help you resolve your problem.

In the meantime, bow down to Phoenix and Alan Cresswell, who worked hard to put these together; and perfecta, who provided the instructions for accessing the Café with Linux.

Help! I can't get into the Café

  • Logging in using your board ID
  • Logging in as guest
  • I hit connect and nothing happens
  • Which versions of Java work with the current version of the Café?
  • What version of Java do I have on my machine?
  • How do I upgrade/change my current Java version?
  • I got disconnected but can't get back in
Technical junk you may need to know
  • Can I change my avatar?
  • Can I use my custom avatar?
  • Can I change my displayed name?
  • What are the other settings?
  • Are my settings saved?
  • What are those icons?
  • How do I insert a smilie?
I don't like these people – can I change rooms?
  • How do I change rooms?
  • Can I follow conversations in more than one room?
  • Can I create my own room?
  • What are private messages?
The big guns: Café moderators
  • Who are the Café moderators?
  • What do they do?
  • How do I contact them if there's a problem?

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